Why young people commit suicide on Romantic relationships

“I can’t live without him. Life without him is hell for me.” Nowadays we often hear about young people who write letters like this and hug their necks on the train. But girls rarely do this stupid thing. Boys are the ones who hug the little things around the neck. An actor who won the hearts of the people last year also did this. So in this article we are talking about young people who are losing their lives due to romantic relationships.

Such deaths reported in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has one of the highest suicide rates in the world. Loss of love is the number one cause of death. Usually we think that men are the ones who can handle the problems. But that is not the case. Men are at the forefront of suicides. That is the situation in the whole world. Girls have a lot of problems. But, boys are not like that. He cries and hugs me without making a sound. That means boys and girls in Sri Lanka are much more stupid. Do you understand this from the break up songs you hear in Sri Lanka now? Hearing this “male lament” may make a boy who has lost his love just feel like hanging around. In some song videos, the kidnapper commits suicide.

Why are young People so stupid?

Is there only one girl you can find in Sri Lanka? Only one boy? Why die for that girl because the girl gave you the boot? Why put your neck on the train because you are a girl who has no love for herself and doesn’t even care about herself? Some guys don’t even fall in love with a girl. When the girl asks for love and the girl says no, she hangs herself. There are so many stupid youth in Sri Lanka today. You get a human life by doing meritorious deeds in the world and lose that precious human life because of a girl or a boy who is somewhere. According to Buddhism, suicide is a common practice in the world. And it is a great sin.

The pain you give your parents

“I have no one in this world but you. I just wanted your love. ” It is in letters like this that stupid boys and girls put their necks on the train. But he has lost his parents. There is no one in this world who loves you more than their parents. Not even your wife loves you as much as your parents. Your wife loves you too, sitting within terms and conditions. But only your parents will love you unconditionally and unconditionally. Why do you forget your parents because you are a boy or a girl who has no love for you anywhere? And your brothers and sisters, your friends? Why do you think these people do not love you?

Failure to have premarital sex at the right age

A male matures after the age of 25. A woman matures after 22 years. These old men and women do not do this stupid thing. But it is the “boyhood” boys and girls who commit suicide because of this. The girl you think is your whole world at 17 can get bored after you turn 25. Because it’s only when you are 25 that you realize what true beauty you want and what qualities you expect. Most of the people who get married at the age of 17-18 are killed when they are 25 and over. At that age, your tastes and characteristics change. Or you have matured. So don’t worry about finding a girl or a boy. Do not be fooled into thinking that your friends have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. These are the things that are happening in Sri Lanka today. Today’s school children want to start a relationship before they even pass the GCE Ordinary Level. Parents should be responsible for this. It is in the outer classes that these nonsense is put on the heads of children. In Sri Lanka, we have heard stories of some external class teachers getting married.

do not be silly. When you reach the right age, you will find the right person for you. Be patient until then. Do not let your parents hurt you just because you are a boy or a girl!

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