Which Is Better Caesar or Natural Birth?

Cesarean section

There have been a lot of disturbing stories about Caesar in recent days. With that, everyone was curious as to what this cesarean was. Mothers whose children are born and are about to be born have a better understanding of these matters. But for those who do not have that experience, what is this normal delivery? What is a cesarean? Why do they do that? There are a lot of problems. Becoming a mother is a matter of happiness not only for the mother but also for the neighbours in Sri Lanka. So let us know a little bit about that wonderful birth and Caesar and their pros and cons.

  • Why is it hard for a baby to come out?

Having a baby is not an easy task. We know that occasionally pets breed in our homes. Animals like dogs and cats lay three or four pups without any game. But the birth of a child is a very complicated event for a human mother. On the one hand, as Homo sapiens, our skull grew bigger. Also, with our standing walk, the opening in the pelvic floor is also narrowed. Also, the posture of a baby is different from that of other apes. Animals such as monkeys and chimpanzees, which are our closest relatives, also give birth more easily. But human mothers have to go through a lot of pain to have children.

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  • Normal childbirth

During a normal delivery, the baby in the womb is pushed down and comes out of the vagina. In a few words, this can take hours. A normal delivery consists of three stages. There are three parts to prenatal care, active childbirth and late childbirth. Nowadays I go to the hospital when the day is approaching for a baby to be born. But there are times when labor pains occur earlier. In Sri Lanka mothers are made aware of this through maternity clinics. Before a normal delivery, you need to be prepared for it. If you are prepared and have a clear knowledge of those opportunities, you will be able to face them without much fuss.

  • Cesarean section

Cesarean section is the safest way to have a baby. There is an increase in the number of caesarean sections due to medical reasons as well as busy lifestyles and other social factors. It has been revealed that about one third of births in Sri Lanka are by caesarean section. First, the mother’s anesthetic is injected into the spinal cord. A caesarean section usually involves an incision in the abdomen just below the waist where women wear underwear. This surgery can usually be done in less than an hour to remove the baby through the incision. It takes a little longer for a wound to heal when a baby is delivered by caesarean section than a normal birth.

Other medical reasons for having a caesarean section

  1. When there are twins – if there are two or more babies in the womb, cesarean section is more common nowadays than normal delivery. Because taking it in the normal way increases the risk to both the mother and the children.
  2. If the mother has diabetes and heart disease and the mother has health problems, doctors recommend having a caesarean section.
  3. When children are exposed to diseases such as HIV and genital herpes, they can be transmitted through the vagina. Cesarean section is also recommended at such times.
  4. The nature of the baby – If the baby is too big, if the baby’s head is too big, the baby will be removed by caesarean section. Now that the scan is available, the angle at which the baby is already in place can monitor the baby’s condition. If there is any difference, doctors now recommend removing the baby by caesarean section.

If for any reason the baby comes out in the normal way, it is an unnecessary risk to the mother or the baby, and at any time the doctors will remove the baby by caesarean section.

Cesarean section

  • Members’ reasons for referring to Caesar

It is not possible to say exactly when the children will return to normal. From time immemorial, the newborn’s head has been used as a vagina for babies to be born. Accordingly the child’s horoscope was prepared. No matter how advanced these days are, people who believe in myths like ancient astrology perform caesarean sections to get their babies out at the auspicious time.

Some mothers reject the normal routine due to lack of exercise and sedentary lifestyle. It is easy for a mother to have children in a normal way with a healthy lifestyle after exercising normally.

Mothers are more sensitive now than they were a few decades ago. Husband and family do not want them to have severe pain, such as labour pains. In such cases, cesarean section is used instead of the usual method.

The pain that a mother feels when her children are born in the normal way is one of the world’s greatest pains. Some doctors do not view it as a mistake to have a low-risk operation to avoid such pain.

  • Advantages and disadvantages of vaginal childbirth

The majority of obstetricians and gynaecologists around the world consider vaginal childbirth to be the most accepted method. This allows the expectant mother to give birth in a very short period of time and also to experience severe pain during childbirth. If there are no major injuries, the mother will have the opportunity to return to normal life soon after the vaginal delivery. The baby is delivered to the mother sooner than a caesarean section, and the mother is able to give the baby her first nutritious milk during vaginal delivery. Bacteria, which are found naturally in the mother’s womb, have been found to boost the baby’s immune system.

If there is any obstruction to the baby’s head coming through the vagina, the doctor will make small incisions of a few centimeters. Those injuries are a little painful. Also, during a vaginal delivery, there may be some problems with the surrounding urinary system.

  • Advantages of Cesarean

The baby is delivered without much pain, but after the caesarean section the pain continues until the wound heals. It takes more than two or three days for the mother to return home from the hospital. If there is a risk due to medical reasons, it is better to have a caesarean section. Otherwise, there is the convenience of a pre-planned caesarean section for the mother and those around her. It also allows the baby to be pulled out in a less risky way than the mother’s vagina.

Is induction or cesarean better?

A cesarean is a surgery. After a caesarean section, a wound that is wider than a normal delivery will have a wider opening. It is the mother’s responsibility to protect the wound from infection. The mother has to deal with the pain of the operation and the surrounding system for at least two months after the operation. After a caesarean section, it is difficult to have children in the normal way in the next delivery. Since it is not possible to perform more than three caesarean sections, there is an automatic limit on the number of children that can be performed during a caesarean section.

  • Natural or Caesar?

Having a baby is a wonderful thing. The world is hearing that it would be better if it could be done in a more natural way. In countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, about 30 percent of births are by caesarean section. But those countries are also trying to reduce that number. A mother who is expecting a baby will find it easier to have children with a normal delivery if she is less sick and healthy and exercises. Having a healthy baby is a hope for all of us. So, it is the responsibility of the mother and the family to take care of the child with restraint and attention without considering it as another task.

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