What is the best way to remove cataracts?

Cataracts are a common eye disease. Cataracts are more common with age. This disability has become the leading cause of blindness in the world. This condition, which causes gradual blindness, is common in both developed and developing countries. Although there are various treatments for this condition, surgery is the only accepted treatment that gives a proper appearance. It can also be used to remove cataracts without the need for eye injections or sutures.

Why does cataracts occur?

Cataracts are a loss of clarity of the lens in the eye. This condition is caused by changes in the proteins in the lens of the eye. The clarity of the egg whites’ proteins turns white with heating. This situation can be compared to this process to some extent.

What are the symptoms?

Most people with cataracts do not have any symptoms at first. Especially if you have cataracts but do not lose sight. Therefore, many people do not seek surgery until the disease has progressed. As the lesion progresses, the eyesight begins to blur. As the patient’s eyesight decreases, it begins to look like fog when looking at the light.

In the early stages of the disease, night glare causes severe discomfort. It is difficult to look at the lights of oncoming cars at night. The trinity of colors decreases. Eventually there are difficulties such as difficulty reading and having to change glasses frequently. Rarely can some people read books, but their vision is blurred. This is due to the increase in the density of the lens. Then the lens of the eye increases the focusing power of the light. So you can read without your usual pair of glasses. But with the increase of whiteness, the appearance of gradual loss disappears again.

What causes cataracts?

The main reason for this is the change in the lens of the eye with age. The development of various physical ailments increases the risk of developing gallstones. Uncontrolled diabetes is the main one. In addition, certain medications we take can cause gallstones. For example, long-term use of prednisolone, a drug used to treat arthritis and asthma, increases this risk. Smoking and alcohol use are another common cause of cataracts. Cataracts can also be caused by damage to the lens of the eye due to eye injuries. This can happen as soon as or after an accident.

Cataracts can also be a side effect of uveitis.

Some research has shown that this condition can also be caused by prolonged exposure to excessive sunlight. Research shows that eating fresh fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of developing diarrhoea.

How to make sure you have cataracts?

When cataracts are suspected, consult your ophthalmologist and have a visual acuity and a complete eye examination. To do this, the eyes are examined with a drug to enlarge the cornea. It then examines the retina of the eye, what type of cataract it is, and the retina behind the lens, as well as the pressure in the eye. These are important for making decisions about future treatments for white matter.

What are the treatments?

As in the early days of cataracts, the use of a pair of spectacles to prevent blurring gradually increases the appearance but gradually increases the blurring of the eye. Then the only treatment to be done is to have a lens transplant surgery. This surgery can be performed without pain, without an injection or suture into the eye.

How is lens transplant surgery done?

Lens transplantation is one of the most successful surgeries in the world. This surgery can be done in several ways. Cataract surgery is the first step in anesthesia. For this, it is often enough to put eye drops in the eye. Phacoemulsification with foldable IOL implantation is the most common type of surgery in the developed world. In the past, this surgery was performed by injecting large incisions into the eye, but today the Faco method is used to perform it simply but successfully. According to these modern techniques, this surgery is done very delicately. The patient has no pain.

A small incision (ie 2.2–2.6 mm) is made in the outer corner of the eye socket, and a special device, such as a pen, breaks the lens into smaller pieces and absorbs them again. The lens then inserts a small artificial lens into the space. A device called a phaco machine is essential for this operation. This is done by ultrasound. Before and after the introduction of this device, in some countries a large incision was made around the lens of the eye and it was surgically removed completely. However, in that case, the incision is larger and takes longer to heal. Postoperative improvement in appearance is less likely than in Faco surgery.

Can age be a barrier to cataract surgery?

Age is not a barrier to this surgery. But if you suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure and asthma, you need to control those diseases well before surgery. Surgery can be done at any age.

Is it mandatory to wear a lens during cataract surgery?

The function of the lens in the eye is to concentrate the light rays coming into the eye from the outside. It is imperative to remove the damaged lens and put on an artificial lens to focus the light.

Image by Martin Slavoljubovski from Pixabay

How to choose the type of contact lens?

There are several types of contact lenses available in the market today. But not all types of lenses are the same. The lens to be selected varies according to the condition of the eye for each patient. The lens focuses light on the retina and focuses it on the retina. Therefore, if a lens is not transplanted after surgery, a clear view will not be obtained.

  • Lenses are classified according to different methods. There are two types of lenses, depending on the size of the incision and the size of the incision.

1. Foldable lenses

Before inserting a lens, measurements of the lens of the desired person’s eye must be made by a special scan device. Accordingly, the desired lens should be selected. Lenses used in developed countries today are made of a special type of plastic (Acrylic).

These are inserted into the eye with a small incision of 2.2 – 2.6 mm and the lens automatically lengthens. No need to stitch the wound. Heals quickly. Available in the market at prices ranging from Rs. 6500 / – to Rs. 25,000 / -. Flexible lenses are widely used today.

2. Non Foldable Lens

The lens is inserted into the cone with a 5.5 mm incision. In this method the cut size is larger. To be stitched. Wearing this lens takes longer than the first chance to heal. In addition, some lenses are made of hydrophilic material. After surgery, some people have a thickening of the membrane behind the lens. Therefore, LASER treatment is required after surgery. Such lenses can be purchased from the market at prices ranging from Rs. 1000 / – to Rs. 5500 / -.

In both cases the glasses must be worn to read. In addition, multifocal flexible lenses can be purchased at higher prices. These can be inserted into the eye with a small incision. What makes it special is that it changes the focus of the light so that it can be seen both near and far. These are quite expensive. 85,000 / – and above.

In addition to these factors, the patient should be concerned about other diseases. Special lenses have to be used for diabetes, pre-existing eye injuries and damage to the lens fibers.

There are cases of side effects after insertion of some lenses. For reasons such as the thickening of the lens four. Special methods have been used to minimize them. The use of non-lenses increases the patient’s need for re-laser treatment. Inexpensive flexible large lenses should be sutured when used. Then there are the side effects associated with sewing. For example, infections are more likely to cause conditions such as ocular edema and blurred vision. Also, the lack of lens power in some types of lenses is a problem for ophthalmologists when choosing lenses. Some low-cost lenses also have problems with breakage when inserted.

Good health habits, proper diet and control of chronic diseases are very important to reduce cataracts. In case of cataracts, the cataract can be removed with the help of a qualified ophthalmologist.

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