What are the common diseases related to stomach and intestine?

Gastric or peptic ulcer: it is one of the most common causes of death in babies. The only way to prevent its deformity is to make sure that the baby is healthy and prosperous and does not need physical or medical help.

There are many reasons for this affection; Many of them apply to the maternal system, some to babies. All can be largely prevented or remedied. Therefore, it is more important that a mother is not ignorant or misinformed on this topic. However, it is the prevention of this condition that will fundamentally reside here; This is because the mother should always keep in mind that she only belongs to the prevention of diseases and to act according to the principle. Treatment by a doctor. For clarity and reference, these disorders are discussed when they occur:

What is the normal chest circumference for a newborn?

Breast milk is bad for the health of the baby’s stomach and intestines. This is due to the fact that parents are in good health, and those who take an immediate interest in it and its well-being need only mention it here. Suffice it to say that there are several reasons why a common source type may be in debt; But what often happens is unwanted breastfeeding and the effects on mother and baby are completely dependent.

Anxiety in the mother makes her milk unhealthy by nature and causes quantitative fluctuations. The nurse’s wish often occurs after the child complains of a bowel movement. Of course, these causes are temporary, and when the milk is expressed it is healthy and sufficient for the baby as before.

Occasionally, however, the milk is completely discarded due to sudden and large disturbances. The. Madam. 29, a healthy woman with a bright complexion, confined to a child. She had a good time, she gave the baby an abundant supply of milk, and until next January she began to suckle. Within three months, her milk suddenly disappeared. This situation puzzled the medical worker. Because she couldn’t find any physical illness in him. But the milk did not return and a nurse was needed. The following spring this woman’s husband failed, and a tragedy that had come from the day the mother’s milk disappeared informed the wife of the husband’s bitter plight that day. The mysterious disappearance of milk.

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Adverse diet items affect breast milk and cause the baby’s intestines to break down. I was called once to see a baby who was breastfeeding and had diarrhoea. As long as the babies were allowed to breastfeed, the treatment did not have much of an effect. But this was put on hold and the complaint was soon stopped as only water was drawn from the root of the arrow. The baby is now allowed to breastfeed again, believing that the breast milk has been weakened for some reason by chance. However, in less than four and a half hours, the diarrhoea returned. The mother was a very healthy woman and it was suspected that some unhealthy letter in her diet could be the cause of it. When it appeared that the doorman of the neighbouring public had been her own substitute for some time, the regulation was examined accordingly. This turned out to be bad, throwing it to the ground, leaving some hours of waiting, a considerable sediment; He was suspended; Instead, a good sound channel was taken; The baby was put back to the breast, placed in the fertilised milk, and never had another seizure.

The amateur medicine that the mother takes will act on the baby’s intestines. However, this is not the case for all types of purgatives. The same cleaning does not have the same effect on all children. So what parents do and shouldn’t do through her system into her child’s system, unless she wants to evacuate the baby’s bowels, when whatever he wants happens, after to prevent it; If not, what she had before makes a good impression on him.

Again; The mother is a nurse and the return of the menstrual period affects more or less the quality of the milk. She paralyses the baby’s stomach and intestines. A few days before the mother gets sick, the baby will be severe and restless. The abdomen vomits milk and its movements become frequent, watery and greenish. Then when the period is completely over, the purification of the milk stops. However, basically in the first few months, the condition seems to affect the baby; This is because, although milk is certainly weaker, less abundant, and more nutritious, it is generally found to affect the baby after the third or fourth month. So is a mother going to stop breastfeeding due to the return of her menstrual period after childbirth? Unless she seriously affects the baby’s health; This is because as the period approaches, you will generally find that keeping the baby adequately breastfed, maintaining and feeding artificial foods will prevent the baby’s health from deteriorating, and that there is a possibility of that happening over time. She gives her baby a head start. However, it should be added that the risk of harm to the child’s health must be referred to a nurse; And, in all cases, they have taken advantage of it, despite obstacles we can hardly imagine. ”

As the mother becomes pregnant again, the milk becomes less nutritious and smaller in size. In this case, however, the health of the parents will be affected mainly if the nurse makes a tireless effort; However, this will again create prejudices against the child. Therefore, if a pregnancy occurs and the baby does not agree to breastfeeding, it is advisable to give up nursing duties and put the baby on a suitable artificial diet.

A baby who is constantly breastfed will often suffer from flatulence, cramps, loose stools, and vomiting. This is because there is not enough space between meals for digestion. Therefore, milk is not digested from the stomach into the intestines, and its contents are prescribed to be followed. Not only should the milk be allowed time to digest properly, but the stomach should be allowed to rest. The mother should more carefully prevent this evil by strictly following these rules for nurses.

The baby’s intestine is usually affected by tooth decay and also by breastfeeding. This is more fortunate, because it avoids a more serious love. Of course, toothpaste diarrhoea should not be suppressed, except violently; However, if this is the case, attention should be paid. It will be found that it is often accompanied by swollen gums; Relaxation will sometimes stop it on its own; however, more medical assistance may be needed.

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What should I eat during lactation period?

There is a high risk of damaging the stomach and intestines of the baby during the normal period of breastfeeding, so great care and judgement must be used when activating this object. However, in general, bowel movements in this process are due to one of these reasons; Weaning too fast, turning it on suddenly and suddenly, or overeating and consuming unhealthy and unhealthy foods. Regardless of breastfeeding, there is another cause of diarrhoea at this time. Difficult toothache.

Substituting artificial foods for breast milk at a time when the baby’s digestive organs are most sensitive to this change is a constant source of affection that is now being considered.

For example, an attempt to wean a delicate baby, when he is only six months old, will inevitably lead to stomach and intestinal disorders. Therefore, unless a mother is forced to take this step because of pregnancy or for some other unavoidable reason, she will not stop breastfeeding at this early stage unless she is concerned for the well-being of her baby.

Simultaneous loss of breast milk and replacement of artificial foods, due to improper feeding under proper regulations, leads to frequent intestinal complaints. Certain rules must be followed to ensure safe weaning, details of which are given elsewhere.

If a greater quantity of food is given to him than each meal or if the food is repeated frequently, in both cases the stomach becomes distressed and tired. Some of the food is sometimes discarded by vomiting, and the rest goes to the intestines undigested, irritating their delicate lungs, flattening, swelling, cleaning, and sometimes annoying.

Again, following unhealthy and unhealthy diets will have the exact same side effects; If a justifiable change is not made quickly, the remedies will have no effect on the disease, but if the cause persists, the disease will worsen.

Therefore, the first priority for the well-being of the baby is, during this period, when the mother prepares to replace the artificial food for her breasts, what kind of food should she seek first? The child is the best, then the exact size that nature demands. There are many cases where a recipe for children has not been written. This is because their diet has been managed with judgement and care in mind. On the other hand, it can lead to other people whose lives are in danger and all lost, except simply for poor food management. Overeating and unhealthy foods are often positive and as a result parents have difficult times and tragic scenes and any other cause of childhood injury and loss of life.

Irritation caused by brushing your teeth can independently cause diarrhoea during breastfeeding. If such a disorder of the intestines occurs apparently for this reason, it is an advantageous condition and you should not intervene unless the attack becomes severe and severe when medical assistance is required. When there is mild diarrhoea during breastfeeding, a slight gnashing of teeth (the state of the hot and burning gums simultaneously may indicate this as the source of the deformity), there is no antidote, but it is misdiagnosed as a disorder caused by other causes . Chewing gum removes the cause immediately and cures the intestinal ailment.

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