Things that your Girl friend may hate about you

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When we reach the right age, we all become lovers. It is one of the most important milestones in our life. Becoming a lover is a very pleasant feeling and experience. Your love can even end marriages. But, some romances stop midway. There are several reasons why this is the case. It could be your wrong trait. So today in this article we are going to talk about those bad traits. Think about these habits and traits that you or your lover are bored of and make those mistakes!

  • Impurity

Yes, this is one of the reasons why some relationships break down. Some guys don’t even think about cleanliness. Cigarette smoke always reeks of cigarettes in the mouth. Sweating and stinking and not wearing deodorant. Not even brushing your teeth. If you are dirty, the first lady or the first lover will soon get bored of you. So clean up, kick bad habits like smoking, and try to be attractive.

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  • Not working on time

Here you have another of your traits that bores you. You don’t do any work on time. The lover tells you to come meet him somewhere, he is always waiting for you to come there. But you’re only half an hour or an hour late. Then everyone thinks that you, she or he does not care so much. Practice working on time. If you call or text her at the same time every day, do it on time. These little things can ruin a relationship.

  • You don’t think about the future

Men have a greater responsibility to plan for the future in countries like Sri Lanka. You need to plan for your future before getting married. So if the lover feels that you have no plans for the future, the relationship will not continue. Women think a lot about their future and security. If she doesn’t plan ahead, she will think that she is lying about her relationship. That you have no hope of marrying her.

  • Prioritise lust over love and compassion.

You associate with her only for your physical and mental sexual needs. Lust is more in your heart than love. These young men even make bad suggestions to their girlfriends. “Are we going to a room tomorrow?” There are girls who like this. But the girlfriend who truly loves you doesn’t like those suggestions. She will soon realize that you are trying to use it. Then the relationship will fall apart.

  • Getting angry over little things

Some boys think that masculinity is the result of constant anger and resentment. The girl is going to fight with the other boys in front of her. Usually these stupid things are done by young, immature guys. An important girl does not like that stupidity. Behave like a real man. Respect everyone. Behave in an important way. We are not saying that we have 32 teeth out all the time. But don’t get mad about little things. She is not your wife yet. So she can’t bear your resentment. She will find someone else.

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  • Addiction to alcohol, drugs and smoking.

Yes, there are young women who do not care much about these things. But most women don’t like these things. If you get addicted to these things after you start dating someone, she will soon walk away from you.

Even if you are the one wearing these and your girl doesn’t have much of a problem, she understands her limit and use it. 😉

But there are also things like this that the solution to problems after marriage is not to drink, there are people who drink right? They drink like crazy and screw it up most of the time! 😡 Imagine if you were a crazy guy in front of the nightclubs on the street like in the video below, you are not even a girl, they are friends!

  • Fake questions and ask for money

Don’t try to force money by asking bogus questions. It is the only reason for the end of a relationship. If you have financial problems, find a job or become self-employed.

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