The benefits of a good night’s sleep

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Sleep is all we need. Doctors say it is best to get at least 6 to 9 hours of sleep a night. It has recently been found that too little or too much sleep can lead to certain illnesses. It is important to note that poor sleep can also lead to diabetes.

There are a number of symptoms that can occur with sleep apnea. The important thing is that the nightmare does not cause insomnia and excessive drowsiness during the day. Excessive daytime sleepiness can lead to illness. This condition is believed to affect about 20 percent of the population. This symptom is one of the leading causes of road accidents worldwide. Also, excessive drowsiness can have a huge impact on the individual and society in the long run.

There can be many reasons for not getting a good night’s sleep at night. Migraine headaches, back pain, body aches, shortness of breath, excessive coughing, excessive urination and inflammation of the stomach can lead to insomnia during the night.

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Excessive drowsiness during the day can also be caused by staying awake, even if you are not sick. This situation can be seen among school and university students who are engaged in sleep deprived educational activities. Also, people who spend most of the night reading books, magazines, and watching TV programs during the day may experience excessive sleepiness during the day.

Another condition that causes excessive drowsiness during the day is a common condition called obstructive sleep apnea. It is believed that about five percent of the population has this condition. What happens here is that the nightingale bends backwards according to the sleeping pattern and blocks breathing. This makes it difficult for the patient to breathe many times a night. As a result, the patient unknowingly interrupts sleep many times during the night. This lack of sound sleep can lead to excessive sleepiness during the day. This obstructive sleep apnea is more common in obese patients. They are often prone to overeating. Hypertension is also common in these patients.

Certain medications can also cause many patients to become drowsy during the day. This condition is especially common in people who are on medication for mental illness. Also, some medications taken for conditions such as pneumonia can cause excessive drowsiness.

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Reasons why sleep is important

Patients with thyroxine deficiency may also experience excessive drowsiness during the day. In addition to drowsiness, thyroxine deficiency can cause symptoms such as lethargy, swelling, numbness of the limbs, constipation, and hoarseness. Patients with anemia may experience excessive drowsiness during the day. Patients with anemia show severe lethargy in addition to drowsiness. Some people like to eat something like rice.

This type of drowsiness can be seen during the day in people with liver disease, such as cirrhosis and hepatitis. Excessive drowsiness can also occur in patients with chronic renal failure. In addition to excessive drowsiness, symptoms such as anemia, skin discoloration, and swelling of the face and legs can be seen in kidney patients. Excessive drowsiness can also be seen in patients with vitamin deficiencies. Vitamin deficiencies can also be seen in these patients.

Excessive drowsiness can also be caused by a condition that affects the brain. These diseases include brain infections and cancer. In addition to the frequent drowsiness, these patients may also have severe headaches. Also, germs can cause a person to become drowsy due to an infection. In addition to drowsiness, fever can also be seen in these patients.

Some mental illnesses can also cause a person to feel drowsy during the day. Drowsiness may be high, especially in patients with depression. Those patients often have other symptoms of stress as well.

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