Shake Effect Present in Alight Motion

Glitch Video Editor combines old-school and modern digital styles rather well. Its glitch effect, vaporwave effect and psychedelic elements bring intense visual conflicts, which makes your glitch video eye-catcher on media. Is also a free video editor and video star, offering the easiest video editing tools to make stylish vlog/videos.

With a few taps, an eye-catching video combined with magic video effect, fantastic filter will be shown. Glitch Video Editor allows you add cool glitch video effect to your video. Start your psychedelic journey with glitch effect. If you are a fan of glitch art, you can not skip this video editor. 80s & 90s Retro mania sweeps fashion world again. Videos were rough and frame-skipped, but in its unique vintage fashion.

With this glitch video star, you can make home movies that look like nostalgic videotapes which has been stored for at least 30 years. Cool Video Editor/Maker Key Features: Edit video with cool video effects, Over 20 different video filters for you, Fx: glitch, shake and other effects, Video adjust: contrast, saturation, brightness, tone, Cut & Slip video, video trimmer, video clip editor, video cutter, Add music to video, adjust the volume of music


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