Let’s reduce the pain of menstruation

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The same process is called menstruation, menstruation, periods, illness, and arava. Some of us are saddened by the miracle of being a woman once a month. It is difficult to get rid of this pain completely. Because what happens here is that the walls of the uterus come out. How can you say that you do not feel any discomfort when such a thing happens? So try these things to ease the pain.

Heat the abdomen

From ancient times the doctors of our country have done something for every ailment. It is made by soaking the body in a cloth soaked in hot water. This relaxes the muscles. That is to say, to give warmth to the lower abdomen in the constipation which is seen by the stars during menstruation. You can use a “heating pad”, a hot water bottle or a towel soaked in hot water. Some even hit the spine as well as the lower abdomen. So the same care can be given to the spine.

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Drinking water

Whether you menstruate or not, water is essential for life. It is very difficult to cope with this pain with a dry body. It is better to have hot water to drink. Because hot water speeds up bleeding and relaxes muscles. Some people have abnormal swelling during menstruation. Water cures it too.

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Eat a nutritious diet

Pain can be reduced by eating foods that are high in calcium, protein and fiber. Anyway these days there is less of a craving for food. But not eating will only increase the pain. During this period, the body needs iron because of bleeding. For that you need to eat greens like red meat and spinach. In addition, the fiber content of fruits and grains helps digestion. This digestion is associated with the menstrual cycle. Irregular bowel movements sometimes begin. These foods eliminate that condition.

Add these things when preparing food

Adding cinnamon to the diet helps to reduce excessive bleeding. Some people eat cinnamon mixed foods even before the menstrual period is postponed. Ginger mixed foods and drinks help to alleviate the nausea during this time. Not only for vomiting, but also for lower abdominal pain. In addition it is important to eat garlic.


It’s a little difficult to do these days, but you need to think about the results and exercise. Sweating Exercises When you exercise, your body reacts with endorphins, a chemical that causes pain during the menstrual cycle. Exercise as well as yoga can reduce this pain.

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Massage the lower abdomen

Underneath the various cosmetics are now scented oil cans. Researchers have found that this oil, which is made from scents such as lavender, jasmine, and rose, can be applied to the lower abdomen with a gentle massage of the fingertips.

See a doctor

If the pain does not go away, you should see a doctor. Excessive pain is not so good. It may also be a symptom of something related to the uterus. Some do not go because of shame. Please do not name that idiot. Also, some people take painkillers without a doctor’s approval. If the body adapts to them, it is not impossible to control their menstrual cycle.

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