Is being polite good?


By behaving rudely you are despised by society. Behaving decently gives you a high place in society. This important point is what we are talking about in this article today. The way some people behave makes them think they are mentally ill. Why they behave like that is a big question. Education also affects this. And intelligence also affects this. Education and intelligence are two things, but there are some connections between the two.

Behavior indecently

What does this mean? Behaving in a way that is accepted by society and causing embarrassment to others is called immoral behavior. For example, kissing some young couples on buses and other public vehicles. You have seen girls and boys behaving like this. Some boys and girls even go so far as to kiss. You are being despised by the society for such indecent behavior. “They are not ashamed.” “They don’t care.” “Because of this, not even a small child can be taken on a bus.” That’s the kind of story you have to hear. It means that you are in a low position in the society because of the deeds you do. Do you like it Control your emotions. Do not behave rudely in public. It makes others uncomfortable.

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Driving recklessly

In Sri Lanka we hear about many rude drivers. On some roads the vehicle is controlled not by the steering wheel but by the horn. They drive with honking horns. This is also rude behavior. You have seen many drivers breaking the rules of the road and endangering the safety of others. “He rides like a donkey.” “I don’t know who gave him the license.” You hear stories like that. do not do that. Always drive decently. The most important thing is that there is no harm to the lives of you and the people.

Frequent harsh words

There are people around you who are screaming filth all over the world. “Dad, that’s not a mouthful, it’s a trash can.” “If he opens his mouth, it is ugly.” That’s what people tell you. Do you like it when people say things like that to you? There is nothing wrong with people blaming you. It’s your fault for being ugly. Talk to people well. That too is decent behavior. Then others will respect you. You will be highly regarded in the society.

Like not knowing how to eat

You also know someone who makes loud noises. “He doesn’t even know how to eat.” “Chi, he eats like an animal.” Here are the stories you have to hear. Eating according to polite rules is also a matter of decency. We are not the only ones who know how to eat with a spoon and fork. Keep your mouth shut and eat quietly so as not to offend others who eat with you. Talking while eating is also a bad habit. You know that the elite usually eat with a spoon and a fork. People in this world think a lot about being polite when eating at a table. You also get to know a little bit about how to sit at a table in a big place and dine with the elite. Knowing these things is not a loss but an advantage for you.

Behaving like a rascal

We generally refer to immoral behavior as rascal behavior. Make sure that the way you walk, the way you talk, the way you dress, all the things you do are polite and disciplined. People measure you by what you say and do. “I don’t care what the others think. “I do what I want.” You have heard many people say these things. If you do the right thing, you can say so. But if you behave rudely and say so, you are a great fool. The way others see you is also important for living with dignity in society. Only then will the society respect you.

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