How can I help my baby learn to walk?

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Exercise is essential for the health of the baby. In fact, your first exercise will be in the hands of nurses. After a month or two, when you start to sleep less during the day, you can roll over on the couch and kick: so you can use your limbs freely; This is all the exercise she needs during this period with outdoor activities. However, the child makes the first attempt to walk. Now it is important that none of the many plans designed to teach a child to walk follow the car, the common thread, etc .; Its tendency is ugly; Flatness of the chest, limited lungs, deformed spine, and deformed legs are the most common ailments that often begin with such actions. This is explained by the relatively soft and flexible bones in childhood, which, when prematurely subjected to these tricks to support body weight, give way like an elastic rod that bends under load and bends and deforms as a result of deflection. natural.

The young and experienced mother desperately needs to be reminded of this fact. Because the child’s first attempts to walk are naturally to look at her with great pleasure, and she will be in a position to encourage and prolong her efforts without any effort. About the misdeeds that may happen to them; For this reason, many parents have had to regret the mutation that she herself created.

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It can also be mentioned here that if such distortions are detected in a timely manner, it is possible to correct them even after a clear curve has been produced. It must be remedied using those methods that strengthen the body and promote the general health of the baby (falling daily in a cold bath or sponging with cold salt water will be just as effective), and never distort by avoiding the root cause. Do not allow the child to stand up. The only way to achieve the end goal is to place both legs in a large stock; The answer to these purposes is effective and, at the same time, does not prevent the free and full exercise of the leg muscles. After a few months of following this plan, the limbs will no longer deform and they will gain bone stability and muscle strength; The child can be allowed to get back on its feet without any danger of perpetuating or renewing the evil.

The best way to teach a child to walk is to let him teach himself, this will be enough. Crawls first: exercises all the muscles of the body, does not fatigue the baby, does not put weight on the bones, but gives him strength and energy. After a while, when he is on, he will like to do much more: he will try to get up on his feet with the help of a chair, and even if he fails in repeated attempts, he will continue to do so. . From this, first, one learns to get up off the ground; Second, get up, but do not grasp the object he is holding. Next, he will balance himself without being restrained and show that he can be alone with pride and laughter. However, after fear, the limb will not move without support, and will grab onto a chair or something nearby that dares to move as far as the limits of the support allow. This little adventure is repeated day by day with more joy; After much chasing, he gains confidence in his power to balance himself and runs alone. This method now requires time for self-study, during which the muscles and bones become stronger. When you are finally asked to maintain body weight, there is all the potential to do so.

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How does exercise affect the development of a child?

When your child has enough energy for active exercise, he has more than enough outdoors. The more he gets used to this, the better he will be able to cope with climatic variability. Children should also be able to always have fun. This is because they generally perform the types and exercises that are best calculated to promote growth and development of the body. Without interruption of your youth sport, all the muscles of the body are part of active exercise; Free growth, vitality, and health are its by-products.

However, if a child is delicate, strong and weak enough to walk, breathing fresh air and exercising are essential for improved health, and without them all other efforts will fail, and riding a donkey or horse is the best substitute. . This type of exercise will always find an unlimited service for sensitive children; It entertains the mind and exercises the muscles of the whole body. But it works smooth enough to cause a bit of fatigue.

However, equestrian exercises are especially useful when there is a tendency in the Constitution to pulmonary consumption for hereditary or accidental causes. As well as being more direct to the lungs, it is also beneficial here for its effect on general health. There is no question that the lungs, like the muscles of the body, gain strength and health from activity through exercise. Now take it during a trip and without much fatigue for the body. Full inspiration inevitably causes the lungs to dilate just as freely; This keeps its structure healthy. It prevents congestion in the pulmonary circulation and, at the same time, provides the blood with the full range of chemical reactions which, by modification, the greater the total amount of air contained in the lungs, the greater the importance of large objects, and above all, more or less Or at least, in question.

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