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We all have friends. And we are all friends of someone. But are we really a real, good friend? Isn’t that a question we’ve never asked ourselves? We don’t even bother to think about what friendship really is. Here we meet someone. We like that person too. We like that Kenneth too. So we become friends. That’s the story.

But is being a true friend worth it? Is there anything to think about beyond that? We think that a person’s true personality is determined by whether he is a true friend or a good friend. That means if you have good qualities as a human being, it is not that difficult to be a really good friend.

Be real yourself

Don’t you think that a lot of people around us are acting pretty well? That means a lot of people are always trying to be someone else who is not really themselves. That is to say, they are pretending to be another image without revealing their true nature at all. Sometimes we can be.

But we don’t play like that with someone we are comfortable with, do we? Most of the time that comfortable person is our friend. Because, no matter what our real person is, our friendship is with that real person. That’s what it should be. So, to be a good friend, you must first be yourself.

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Be honest, be Trustworthy

Honesty plays a vital role in maintaining a good friendship and in being a good friend. It means being honest with your friend and being able to trust yourself. Simply put, the belief that we will never lie to a friend is very important. When we make a promise to a friend, the feeling that it will come true is very important. It is also important to know that we will never promise a friend something we cannot do.

Sometimes this honesty can cause you to lose friends. For example, we may not get the answers we want from an honest friend. We get real answers. Then if that truth becomes bitter, someone who can’t bear it can leave the friendship. It doesn’t matter. Instead of lying to keep the friend, it is better to tell the truth for the friend.

Do not keep the agenda

What really matters here is why we become friends with someone. We try to be friends with someone because we like him. Then when we become friends, we want to show the world that he is our friend. Is it a true friendship? It depends on whether we are really with him because of his size and publicity. If we are with her because of those things, we are not good friends with Thea at all. But even if we are friends for such a reason, it is a good friendship because of the true intimacy and willingness of the person to maintain the friendship. We are not really dating the real person we see in the world, but the real man there.

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Do not associate with friends only for the sake of gain

Here is a fact that goes hand in hand with what we said earlier. A true friend does not use another friend to his own advantage or to the advantage of another. Let’s take examples. Here we have a money emergency. We have no one else to tell. So we talk to our friend. It’s not really a use, it’s a request based on trust. Even if the friend is in a difficult position to help us at that moment, we will not make it a problem. But if the friend is upset that we did not give him the money because there is no way to give it to him at that time, remember that we are not a good friend. Also, if we are with him only for the purpose of asking for money, it means that we are not an honest true friend.

This is not just about money. Suppose we date someone because of that person’s publicity. Because we want to stand out from the crowd. Then we are not good friends. If we date someone because he is the best person to grieve when we are sad, but we never have time to do anything for him, then we are not a good friend.

Set priorities correctly

Many today find it difficult to keep their priorities in check. How Many Friends Do People Have Nowadays? When you take Facebook, there are directly behind a thousand friends. We say that with great pride. But is that religion really real friends? He can know it when he is in trouble. Everyone who casts their eyes upon it, wants a go. That is the truth.

Of course, as a true friend, we too need to set our priorities in order. For example, if we do not have time to talk to a friend and find out about that friend, the question is whether there really is a friendship. But no, if we can’t get out of our comfort zone and help a friend when he has a problem, it’s a question of whether it’s a friendship or not.

Keep secrets

Here this is a difficult task for some. Some people like to gossip. Some like to criticism and discuss others. Such a person may think that his best friend is telling him a secret that he trusts, but he may not want to tell it. Then go back to number two. Being honest and trusting means that a friend can trust you and tell you any secret. Unless that secret is something that has done serious harm to society or the world, revealing it cannot be justified.

And if they have two best friends, if we tell them anything we can, is it okay to tell the other friend when one of them tells us his secret? There is a mess. A secret is a secret. Even if you tell the other person everything, you have no right to tell a secret that others have put their trust in you!

Be a good stimulus to the friend

This is something that needs to be understood a little more carefully. But simply put. A good friend of ours should be someone who sincerely wishes us well. That is, we should never be told to do something bad, and we should be someone who prevents us from doing something bad. That’s what a good stimulus is. We can be the real chow chow type who sees everything bad. But we are not a good friend if we honestly do something that we think is good for our friend.

And one more thing: a good friend never tempts his friend badly. Even if he is in a bad place, he will not drag his friend to that bad place. That too must be kept in mind.

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